Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exciting News From Linden Labs (Jay Linden)

I signed into my email to send a message to Linden Labs to check on the Island and whallllllaaaaaa, there was a message from Jay Linden. Here is what it said:
"Thank you for your order! We have received all of the required information and your order has now been placed in the delivery queue. Watch for your invoice soon."

Now, as I read that message, I wondered how to pronounce queue. hmmmmm. No worries, Sue Forneris aka Anne Sandlewood (in Second Life), was at my house and told me it was pronounced "Q", not query like I thought. I am so glad I have smart friends. Today I had some faculty over to my house, and now have some new recruits for Second Life. Watch for more updates in the Facebook Second Life group.