Monday, November 23, 2009

Addition to the Alexander Volz medical center (AVMC)

Newest view of the Alexander Volz Medical Center
Fidelius added two more floors to AVMC in order to make it four floors.
Paix, Fidelius, and Zelda taking a break from building

The Nightingale Education Center

Fidelius and his building company have been hard at work. They have added an education center to the island. This will be a great place to hold classes, meetings etc...
Three presentation screens in the education center
Another new classroom in the Education center
The large conference room in the education center
Skyview of the new Education center conference room

Fid's House and Aylia's concert

Fidelius serving Zelda breakfast in his houseFid and Paty dancing
Zelda and Fidelius dancing at Ayila's concert

Tessa, Fid and Zelda at Fid's pool

Fidelius' pool at his house

Fidelius and Zelda chilling on the pillows under the waterfall that Manuel built

The Three muskateers, Fid, Tessa, and Zelda rocking at Fid's house.

Fun for Manuel and Zelda

Zelda taking Manuel for a ride!! What a fun day

Paty, Zelda and Manuel playing soccer. Manuel should play for Manchester!!! Manuel building the soccer net for the underground soccer stadium

Zelda parachuting on paradise island
Manuel and Zelda floating

Some more visitors to Nightingale Isle

Anne, Aida, and Zelda enjoying the sunset
Anne Sandalwood sitting on a rock on Zen Hill

Zen Hill

As we get closer to the date where we launch the island, more faculty have been visiting Nightingale Isle. Sue Forneris, AKA Anne Sandalwood; and Joan Brandt, AKA Ida Mortenwald came to the island for a lesson in building and a tour. (yes, that's right Fidelius...Zelda was attempting to teach someone else, scary thought, I know).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A night of adventure

This is a picture of a house that was made to show how people with disabilites can live in their own homes with a few modifications. Here is a picture of the lovely surprise Zelda received from Fidelius, Tessa, Paty, and Manuel. It was in celebration of her one year REZZDAY. Wow, she has been a part of Second Life for a whole year. Thanks to Tessa for introducing her to SL. YEAH
Fidelius decided that all work and no play makes for a boring day. So he and Zelda set out on a fabulous adventure. They stopped at McDonalds for a bite to eat, and then headed over to Mouse Island to go on the Pirates of the Carribean and jungle rides, in addition to a trip through a haunted house, and a ride on a space ship. Paty and her friend Larry joined in on the fun.

Paty and Larry riding on a train

Zelda and Fidelius met up with Paty and her friend Larry. Here they were on a space ship ride to Mars.
Zelda and Fidelius on the jungle ride
Zelda and Fidelius outside the railroad ride

Zelda on Fidelius' horse on the 4 bridges island

A new classroom, and Fidelius Strikes again!

Fidelius was up to shenaigans again!! Zelda was resting on the edge of the water fountain and when she woke up, she was a fortune teller. hehehehe. Zelda better be careful where she takes naps from now on. :)

This is the new classroom that is located in Alexander Volz Medical Center. It will be a great place for speakers to present information, and to do debriefing after simulations are run in the simulation room down the hall.

New New New

Fidelius in action building Tessa a new couch for her office. This will be a great place to meet with students and rest!! :)

A picture of Zelda's new kitchen, and fireplace

Nightingale Commons

Here are pictures of the beautiful furniture built by Manuel, a very important member of the Nightingale Isle group. The library in the Commons area was his brain-child. It is awesome to have such creative, innovative, talented members such as Manuel and Fidelius. Nightingale Isle will be a great place to gather and learn because of the work they have done, and continue to do!!!!

Here are some pictures of Zelda in the new library that is located in Nightingale Commons, between Florence Nightingale Center, and the Alexander Volz Medical Center. This area will be for students, faculty and visitors to gather, study and talk. It will be a great addition to the island.