Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is it really January?

Here is the latest picture of Nightingale Isle courtesy of Fidelius Dollinger (Alex) Hello everyone
Sorry for the huge lapse in time since the last post. Between life events and the holidays, there has not been time to update this site. But, here we go again. Let me see if I can get us caught up. Since the last post there have been some very exciting things going on over on Nightingale Isle! The Alexander Volz Medical Center is coming along nicely. There is now an Emergency room, OB, Pediatric, isolation, simulation, MRI machine, xray and many many more areas. Also, there is a Cardiac area with its very own Cardiologist, Paty who is from Mexico. YEAH!! Welcome to Paty who now has an office on the third floor of the Medical Center. Fidelius (Alex) and Tessa (Jane), have been hard at work in the medical center, adding equipment to better serve our students. More to come! Check back soon!