Sunday, September 27, 2009

A sky hospital and a new friend

Here is a picture of Zelda's new friend Sahara Benelli. She will be performing this afternoon on Nightingale Isle. More pictures to come!!

Here is a picture of the new ppt/video screen in the Nightingale conference room. It will be a great place for presentations.
Zelda sitting on the side of the medical gurney
Here are some pictures of the new hospital simulation area in the sky. Fidelius has been very busy!!!! He is an angel!!! Tessa (Jane) is going to work on this part while I work on the Sloodle Chairs.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Little Planning, A Little Fun

Fidelius sitting on the tire much fun~~~ :)
Zelda on the new tire swing outside the little house.

Zelda, Fidelius, and Tessa doing Tai Chi up on Zen Hill. So relaxing and fun!!!!

Zelda peering into the window of the conference room
Here is a picture of the Florence Nightingale Conference Room. See the picture on the wall? Nice touch, Fidelius~

FINALLY!!! A picture of Tessa. Here are Tessa, Zelda, and Fidelius sitting on the bench at the side of the Center. (See the flowers climbing the wall??? Fidelius remembered that I love roses!! )

There have been so many new things going up on Nightingale Isle. It is great to see all the ideas become structures and part of the landscape. Here is a picture of Fidelius building the new patio in front of the Florence Nightingale Center.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zelda's New Best Friends

Here is a picture of Fidelius and Paty dancing on the new patio in front of the Florence Nightingale Center. It will be another great place to gather. Fidelius has been very hard at work.

Here is a pictue of Fiedlius, Paty, and Zelda lounging on a rock on a far-away island. It was a very relaxing day for them. The only person missing is Tessa. I will get a picture up of her soon.

Here are Fidelius (the master builder), and Paty sitting on the bench having some rest and relaxation time. Fidelius has been very busy creating new spots for students to gather. I am busy trying to pull together content for the students to study. More to come.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dance Dance Revolution

Zelda has some new books on her desk. This will be a great spot to meet with students. I think Anne Sandalwood could use this office as well. :)

Last night Emm Dawg (Mary Mackenburg-Mohn) stopped by Nightingale Isle. Fidelius, Manuel, and Zelda were dancing to ACDC. Emm couldn't find her way in but Fidelius found her roaming around. He has a HUD that detects any action on the island. WOW!! We showed Emm Dawg around and we practiced using the microphone in the podium and it worked. YEAH!! Here is a picture.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A new office for Zelda!!!

Zelda playing with Fidelius' horse "Horsey"

Zelda looking at the view from her new office. Ahhhhhhhhhh beautiful

More office pictures
Zelda on Zen hill in the garden area.
Zelda in her new office on the upper floor of the Florence Nightingale Center
Nightingale Isle is coming together. The new Florence Nightingale Center has an upper floor, and a set of stairs. To the left of the stairs on the upper floor is a door that leads to Zelda's new office. She can have private meetings with students, or meet with groups in there. It has an amazing view of the mountains and the ocean. She even has a new laptop. Check it out if you are out on Nightingale Isle. Here are a few pictures.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Under Construction

Here is a Men Working Sign. Hahahahah. It is women working as well!!!

Here is Zelda in the construction zone. She is standing on the builder's block. This area makes it easier to make items the correct size. It is a bit like making a quilt.

A Wild Ride on Nightingale Isle

Zelda standing inside the new Florence Nighingale Center

Fidelius the Dragon

Anne and Zelda riding on the Fidelius Dragon

Anne Sandalwood, (Sue Forneris), my new advisor, and Zelda visited Nightingale Isle to see how Fidelius was doing with the building. Wow, we found a whole new building called Florence Nightingale Center. It was beautiful. We will be thinking of ways to use this new building. Possibly in the future we will run some simulations in there. Fidelius has been busy building Zen Hill. We will have yoga mats, Tai Chi balls, and meditation area for students to hang out and relax. We may eventually hold relaxation classes out there. While giving Anne a tour, Fidelius decided to turn himself into a large dragon. Anne and Zelda went for a ride on his wings........straight out of Harry Potter. After all, life cannot be all work and no play!!! Take a look at a couple of the new pictures. I am hard at work developing an NCLEX review curriculum for Spring 2010. More to come..............

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bridge to Practice

Here are two more pictures of the new part of the island. I also met a Cardiologist from Mexico tonight. She wants to be a visiting scholar in Nightingale Isle to talk about her specialty area. She also does work around Women and violence and asked me to join her group in SL. There are many psychologists in this group. Wow............what a night in Second Life!!! More to come.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Island comes alive

Zelda and Fidelius sitting on top of the hill visiting with one another.
Zelda sitting up above the amphitheater on a pillow. This space will be for students to relax, visit, or study.

Zelda at the microphone. The screen can be used for powerpoint presentations, and has a loud microphone so all can hear. This will be the place that the Bridge to Practice visiting scholar series will be held.

The island now has a new amphiteater for presentations. The screen has an active podium that has a speaker and a ppt viewer. Now, I have to figure out how to present out there. This space can hold up to 100 avatars for the visiting scholar presentations that will begin later this fall. Thanks to our friend Fidelius Dollinger, there will be a space for students to meet. I will name it the Fideluis amphiteater in his honor. Notice there are two bridges and there is a beautiful waterfall at the end of one of the bridges. Above the amphiteater is another area where students can chill, meditate and discuss. will come a garden with a Nightingale Isle welcome sign and then the work begins on loading reuseable learning objects with floating modules. We may even be running simulations on the island by the end of next spring.

A Visitor to Nightingale Isle

Today, I was working on the island and I received a message from Fidelius Dollinger. I met him in Ann Myers medical center (in Second Life) last winter. He is from Germany and is an amazing young man, and builder. He came to visit Nightingale Isle and thought it looked like a fun place to hang out. He showed me how to do a few things with building, playing music, and changing the dynamics of the island. It was really a fun visit. I will post a picture the next time he comes to visit. I have also begun to collect things to make some avatars for a spring nursing course. It should be a really fun assignment for the students. Fidelius said he would like to help me make the island a fun place for students to learn. YEAH

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zen hill, floating deck and others

There are couches, chairs, tables and stools and benchs to sit on on the deck. Your avatar can sit with others or take some time to reflect by yourself.

Have a cup of coffee while you study out on the deck.

Sit in the beach chairs or rest in the hammock

The Island is being transformed into a gathering place for nursing students, faculty and visitors. I am currently working on phase one of this project, building meet and greet spaces. There is now a Zen Hill with some yoga cushions, and a water fountain; a floating deck with all sorts of seating areas; and a covered deck with beach chairs.

Now that there are many spots for meeting, I will begin working on phase two of the project, an area for lectures/presentations with seating for up to 100 avatars. This area will be used for the visiting scholar program, and other presentations for nursing students, faculty and visitors. Along with this, there will be some floating modules for students to review materials covered in class and clinical.
Phase three will come later next spring. This will include an NCLEX review area. I have posted some more pictures of what is new on Nightingale Island since the last time I wrote. If you have an avatar, come visit. In not, let me know and I can help you make one. Jone

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some detours in the road.......but back on track

Zelda chilling inside of the Monet House

Zelda flying over Zen Hill

Zelda outside the Monet house

Zelda sitting in the gathering area in the gazebo

Zelda flying over the gazebo at night

Zelda in the gathering area of the beach house

I know it has been a long time coming......and I apologize for the delay, here is an update on Nightingale Isle. Without boring you with the details, the last month has been a bit complicated, but everything works out the way it is suppose to in the end. My DNP project is back on track, but will undergo some changes. I will explain them in the next post, but for now, here is what is happening with Nightingale Isle:

My friend Spring Inkpen, has made an avatar, and is helping me build some great facilities on the Isle. I have attached some new pictures. This has been a huge learning experience for me, and I am amazed at how far this project has come in a short time. Enjoy the pictures for now, and I will write more soon. Jone (AKA Zelda Fromund)