Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Another exciting night on Nightingale Isle.  MoKachip (Hannah)  was joined by EllieFont (Katie). These two student pioneers rocked the learning curve.  By the end of the night they were changing their clothes, and even making new clothes.  My favorite part of the night was when they were practicing their flying and jumping. They will certainly be able to help their classmates as they learn how to move about and talk out in NI. Our goal is for them to have some beginning experiences and to learn how to navigate the space so when they get to Spring semester, they will be able to complete the clinical reasoning day assignments. Check back next week we will be loading a lecture out here for them to watch.  More to come! 


                                                    Can you find the legs?????

                                   Practicing changing their clothes. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A New Member of Nightingale Isle Student Group

As we prepare for the Junior Nursing Student Virtual Learning Activities for Spring, we have begun to orient the students to Second Life.  Tonight we had our first student  sign on, make an avatar and get a tour. She was a little bit worried when she first signed on because there were so many people at the welcome area and some of them were a little overbearing. I remember my first day in Second Life.  I was a bit worried about the other people as well.  It is nice to know you can just teleport back to Nightingale Isle. I was able to get her signed on to Nightingale Isle and give her a tour! She caught on very quickly.  Way to go Hannah! (MoKachip). 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Using Google Docs for Teaching, Learning and Meetings

The Nightingale Isle Project Team met today and used Google Docs to put an agenda and documents up for all to see.  One of the best ways to discuss a project , especially from a distance, or in distance education is to connect to Google Docs through a screen in Second Life.  You can either purchase a screen that streams the internet or you can build a screen and add a script to connect to the internet.   

The Clinic is Open for Business!

Nightingale Isle has a new clinic. It includes five exam rooms, two which have conference rooms attached. Upstairs there are three offices and a large conference room. 

  Here is one of the conference rooms that is attached to the exam  
  room.  It has a screen that can be used to stream from the 
  internet or give presentations. 

    All the computers in the exam rooms connect to the internet so    
   students can chart. 

    One of the Offices in the clinic.