Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Preparation for IMSH 2013

The group presenting at the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare in January 2013 met to figure out how we want the four-hour pre-conference to be structured.  We put the document up on Google Docs/Drive and were able to edit it as we made changes to the plan.  

We took Tom and Stephanie from Oshgosh on a tour of Nightingale Isle to show them all that is happening. 
Then they gave us a tour of their disaster sim.  

We are looking forward to our four hour pre-conference presentation in January 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not Your Ordinary On-Line Lecture

     Zelda is ready for the NUR313 On-Line renal failure lecture.  The moderator will be 
     Tessa Finesmith.  The Lecture will be captured on Adobe Captivate and loaded on 
     Moodle for the students who cannot attend on Sunday night.  There are 23 students 
     who have avatars already. 

Zelda and Tessa hanging out

   Zelda and Tessa are taking a break after a hard day's work. 

   Here is a picture of Zelda and Tessa trying out their new    
   oxygen masks.........just breathe

More Student Visits

Two of the NI Super Users came out to catch some relaxation during a study session at Perkins. Here is a picture of Moka, Ellie and Zelda doing Tai Chi
   And Here is A Picture of the Students In RL doing Tai Chi 
   at Perkins :)
    For Nursing313 we streamed Dr. Hoglund's lecture -BabbsED     
   out at the Compassion Commons. Zelda signed on to answer
   any student questions since Second Life is new for them.

Nightingale Nurse hanging out with one of the students