Friday, March 11, 2011

New colleagues: one from across the ocean, and one from over the river right next door

Zelda has been a very busy girl. Working on a teleporter/sign for Nightingale Isle so people can move about the island with ease; attending several virtual world educational meetings (VWER roundtable discussions); and best of all - meeting new nursing colleagues who are passionate about using virtual worlds for educational purposes.

Kali Pizzaro (AKA Evelyn McElhinney from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland)

Zelda and Kali:  We discovered yesterday that we will be presenting back to back at the INACSL 10th Annual International Nursing Simulation Learning Resource Centers Conference in June.  We took a picture that we can place in our presentations. :)

Hattie Haystack (in the red jacket: AKA Gail Hanson Brenner) from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Evelyn and Jone at the VWER Roundtable discussion on VWERGrid (Guest speaker:Justin Clark-Casey).


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exciting Adventures

This has been a week of new beginnings and exciting adventures! I have begun to work with Wade Schuette, an educator/scholarly person from Michigan. (AKA Starlight Harbour inworld). He has much knowledge of and expertise in building and scripting in virtual worlds! As you all know Zelda can hardly fly so she needs much help (And so does Jone in real life :) Here are a few pictures from some work done on the Reticula sim in Jokaydia. More to come on the projects. Much of the work will be tied to my Health Information Technology Scholar (HITS) project. I am awaiting word on some rental property in Jokaydia Grid. Nightingale Isle will soon be in several places. YEAH!!! Hang On!!!!  

Zelda has a new friend

Zelda has a new friend out in Second Life and Jokaydia Grid. His name is Starlight Harbour and he is going to be working with her to set up experiences for the nursing students. YEAH for new friends!!!! He is the one on the left dressed in his finest vest and tie. More to come on the projects!

Virtual World Education Round table Discussion

On February 24th I attended the Virtual World Education Round table discussion: Which Grid for Me? Pros and Cons of VW Grids for Teaching.  It was really interesting to hear other educators discuss the pros and cons of open and closed grids for teaching. Many of the educators felt educators should have a presence both in the open (Jokaydia Grid, OS Grids etc....) and closed sims such as Second Life. I am contemplating renting space over in Jokaydia Grid as well as out in Second life.  Here are some pictures from the round table discussion.

Zelda forgot to change out of her scrubs for the event. :)  She even brought her stethoscope.