Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zelda and Missy

Here is a picture of one of the things we want on the Island, some space to relax. Here are Zelda and Missy sitting on yoga mats doing yoga along with the sound of waterfalls and birds.

At Long Last..............

Zelda flying over Nightingale Isle

Here is a picture of Zelda on Nightingale Isle.
The Island has finally been delivered!!! Now, what to do with it? This feels like an overwhelming task and a very steep hill, but we will get there. I am so excited to get started creating/building a space for nursing students_faculty_nurses_patients etc......can gather, share and learn. I have elicited the assistance of my good friends Missy Spiritor and Spring Inkpen for support. They came over on Saturday night, made their avatars and we played for awhile.

I have a few items in my inventory that I pulled out on the island just to see how they would look. This week I will work on a design for the island. I will keep it fairly simple with a garden, main gathering building, some floating modules, an outdoor theater where presentations can take place, and a deck with a fire ring. I want to make sure the island has several places where discussions can take place because this is all about learning and sharing. By next Spring I hope to make some quiz chairs where students can practice for their state board exams. My friend Missy Spiritor has a vision of bringing her patients with MS to this island for some support and fun. We will be looking into making an area/building for these patients as well.

Let the games begin. I will be checking in again soon. Please leave any comments_suggestions for me. Thanks, Zelda (AKA Jone)