Friday, August 19, 2011

Starlight Harbour has been very busy!

As Tessa and Zelda work on the "Nursing" parts of the Henry and Ertha scenarios, Starlight Harbour, builder and scripter extraordinaire is busy making sets and props. As you can see from the pictures, there will be parts of a chart (EHR), and also a Pyxis machine. There will be a monitor that can be changed just like in the simulation lab. And the best part, the avatars who play the patients will be in 3D and have a real person's voice.  
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Tessa and Zelda are back in action

After a long hiatus, Zelda and Tessa are back at it. Moving and shaking and getting the island ready for students to come out and learn. They have cleaned up and are doing some remodeling to the buildings with the help of a few very talented builder/scripters. Now if they could only find some money to pay these individuals that would be great. Hopefully some small grants will come through so the island can be fully functioning.

A New Teleporter Board

Nightingale Isle finally has a Teleporter Board to make it easier to get around the island. This will help the students find where classes are being held. It is as easy as clicking on the picture and you are there. :)

Meet Henry and Ertha

Here are the first pictures of Henry and Ertha, the National League for Nursing ACES unfolding case avatars. These are the subjects of my National League for Nursing Health Information Technology Scholar Project. For this project we will have two baccalaureate programs and two Associate Degree programs run simulations both in the simulation lab and in the virtual world of Second Life. There will be a group of students from each school who will all run the identical simulations. Then we will compare and contrast metrics.