Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting better every day! :)

Here are some new pictures from Nightingale Isle. I will be working on the Sloodle chairs this week. I need to set up my Moodle acct so I can load questions. Watch for more updates on this part of Nightingale Isle.
Zelda getting an ultrasound in the OB room

Scrub sink outside the OR area

Recovery Room outside the OR

Part of the pediatric play room. The sign says no doctors or nurses allowed. :)

The OR suite with the special xray machine.
Zelda ready to get an MRI

New locker room outside the Operating room. In the future we will have Nightingale Isle scrubs to change into.

YEAH!! A new elevator has arrived. No more running up and down the stairs. Actually, it is more for the carts and beds to be moved. Zelda, Fid, and Tessa still needs their daily exercise.

Zelda is sitting on the edge of a bed in one of the bays in the ED. The monitors are working and will soon be scripted to run simulations.
There are new pictures on the wall of the cardiology testing center

Paty, the cardiologist has added some pictures to her exam room
This is the new bathroom/shower in the patient room.
Two ambulances parked outside the ED.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting Down To Business

New defriefing classroom by the simulation area in the Alexander Volz Medical Center.

Zelda and Fidelius sitting on the deck by the ship

Zelda sitting on top of a ball in the pediatric area of the Medical center.
New rooftop gardens
This is the snake waterfall
This is Kyra's new office. She is a psychologist and hopefully will be holding office hours.
This is a picture of Fidelius' new cultural ship. There will be all sorts of information about information about healthcare practices with different cultures.

Here is a picture of the powerpoint and video screens in the new education building.
Here is a picture of the new Cardiac center run by Paty. There are treadmills and will be an area where heart sounds can be heard.
Fidelius has been very busy on Nightingale Isle. Here are some new pictures. Soon there will be Sloodle quiz chairs to try out. Check back!