Sunday, February 10, 2013

Final Preparations for the Virtual Clinical Reasoning Day for Junior Nursing Students

The Clinical Reasoning Day for Junior Nursing Students at Bethel University will begin on February 19th and continue every Tues and Thursday until May. There will be four patients with Chronic illnesses, including mental health issues. The students will get a pre-brief in the South Street clinic conference room, take time gathering patient information in a simulated EHR, and then will see all four patients. They will answer questions about each patient, and turn in a reflection within a week. At the end of the clinical day the students will all meet together with faculty and debrief the experience.  We look forward to see how this unfolds.

International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare 2013 Preconference Workshop

The Pre-Conference at the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare 2013 was a great success.  We had 13 healthcare professionals participate.  During the session, the participants made an avatar, learned how to move about, build, change their clothes and explore Second Life. After the initial orientation, they were oriented to several different teaching/learning activities including medical simulation, activities for Public Health and an ambulatory care clinical experience.  See the full presentation on Slideshare.

Movin' and Shakin' on Nightingale Isle

We have been busy developing new assignments for students using Nightingale Isle. Here are a few pictures. 
 Zelda in South Street Clinic getting ready to chart on her patient.
 A City Streetscape used in Community Health for Windshield surveys
 One of the Medical Simulation Rooms in the Simulation Center in Nightingale Isle
 More Simulation Activities
 A lecture out in Nightingale Isle
 Giving tours to some new professionals visiting the island.
 Setting up for a meeting in the South Street Clinic using Google Docs

Another view of the South Street Clinic