Sunday, July 27, 2014

The birth of Nightingale Isle II

I would like to announce the birth of Nightingale Isle II.  Bethel University Nursing dept has begun using the space for both the degree completion program and the traditional baccalaureate nursing program. This fall we will be using the Public Health scenarios for both programs.

The new island will hold space for the new Nurse Midwifery program, some more disaster simulations some neighborhoods and a jail. Our builder will begin working on the new space next month. I look forward to writing some new scenarios and seeing how the students learn in the virtual environment.

                                  Zelda standing in the middle of Nightingale Isle II to the south

     Nightingale Isle II to the north and where it connects with Nightingale Isle.The Midwife area will be on          this part of the island so they can use the hospital if they need it.

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