Sunday, May 26, 2013

South Street clinic update

Wow~ where has the time gone? That is what happens when the semester begins with a bang and keeps going at mach speed. There has been a lot going on out in Nightingale Isle in the past couple months.  We completed the first round of the clinical reasoning assignment - moving 83 students through South Side Clinic between February 15th and May 5th. Each of the students "took care" of four different patients, all who had diabetes plus at least one other health issue. In addition, all the "patients" had one mental health issue. One of the patients was a "bot" that was programmed to answer specific questions, two patients were visited through the Second Life notecard system, and the last one, Emma, an elderly woman, had heart failure and anxiety in addition to her diabetes. The results of the research project will be compiled this summer. Overall, most of the students found it to be a good learning experience. This summer we will review the results and make changes for next year.

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