Sunday, May 26, 2013

South Street Public Health Clinic

The new South Street Public Health Clinic is now open. The BSN degree completion program was in need of some alternate clinical experiences, so we designed some clinical activities to take place on Nightingale Isle. The first part is comprised of five family health simulation scenarios

                       Zelda hard at work at the new Public Health Clinic 

                                     The Public Health Clinic Lobby Area 
        This area of the clinic has four different simulation rooms            

This room is the teen clinic where there is a patient who is 17-years-old and 5 months pregnant. 

This is a picture of the multidisciplinary team meeting. They are meeting about 8 -year-old Elsie who has just been diagnosed with autism. The team meeting includes the parents, social worker, teacher, therapist and school nurse

 This scenario is about a woman who is 6 weeks Postpartum. 
Her husband is out of work and she is exhibiting signs of Postpartum   depression
 This is a scenario with a single mom of three who comes to the clinic after her 5-year-old son was diagnosed with diabetes. Her "uncle" brought her. He sleeps on her couch and is an alcoholic 

This scenario involves a single mom who is applying for WIC clinic. 

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